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Theatre in the Mist will hold auditions for their upcoming production of MAKING GOD LAUGH (Nov 23 – Dec 2, 2018) on Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday October 4 from 6:30 – 9:30pm at Stella Niagara, 4421 Lower River Road, Lewiston, NY 14092.

Directed by Joanne Kinney

Casting “Making God Laugh,” a play. Project description: “A delightful, and at times poignant, comedy/drama. This is a story of life’s changes of direction, the role reversals of parents and children, the primacy of the reality of now versus the memories of the past and the predictions of the future, and the importance of family breaking bread together. The play begins in the 80’s and ends at the millennium-wonderful acting challenges as the characters change through three decades.”

Roles: (can be multiple roles for the three decades)

Ruthie (mother) (Supporting): Female, 46-85
starts the play in her late forties or early fifties and ages thirty years as does everyone, she is bossy and authoritative, but she means well and tries to steer the world more than is humanly possible.

Bill (Supporting): Male, 46-86
loves everyone and is a go-with-the-flow sort, easygoing, wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, desperately in love with his kids and wife.

Richard (eldest son) (Supporting): Male, 23-59
mid-to-late twenties as we start, he wants to conquer the world and is always looking for ways to do that, he buys the latest everything and dresses “up to the second” stylish.

Maddie (second child) (Supporting): Female, 23-57
mid-twenties at the top, an aspiring actress, a strong-willed person who loves her family, she’s closest to Thomas and the two of them have a long-standing habit of picking on their big brother as a team, she and her mother have a difficult relationship.

Thomas (third child) (Supporting): Male, 21-55 baby of the family and the “good” son, a nice, even-tempered guy, in the style of his father, who thought his life was on a plan, a devoutly religious man studying for the priesthood at the beginning he’s nonetheless funny, warm, and not at all rigid in his approach to life.


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